From eyebrows to igloos, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 Who founded a city in memory of his horse?
2 What is the UK’s only aquatic songbird?
3 What word meaning haughty comes from the Latin for eyebrow?
4 Yeti Airlines is based in which country?
5 Which game show took place in a French naval defence?
6 “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend” comes from which film?
7 Where is Heather Phillipson’s sculpture THE END?
8 Shostakovich’s Tahiti Trot is an arrangement of which song?
What links:
William Bligh; Robert Falcon Scott; Michael Foot; Tom Daley?
10 Cinderella; my son John; Jason, according to a prophecy?
11 Bridge; Free; George; Kings?
12 American saloon owner; Italian singer; Chinese princess; Japanese girl?
13 Anorak; kayak; igloo?
14 Martina Navratilova & Pam Shriver; Bob & Mike Bryan?
15 Irving G Thalberg; Gordon E Sawyer; Jean Hersholt?

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