From Shakespeare to headgear, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 Whose Rabbit sculpture sold for $91m?
2 What term for the current geological epoch was coined in 2000?
3 Which Nobel Prize winner graduated last June?
4 Which national park is named after Pen y Fan and its neighbours?
5 Whose Chronicles was the main source for Shakespeare’s history plays?
6 Peter Costanzo infamously introduced whom to Twitter?
7 Which bird used to be on the farthing coin?
8 What hat only has 7.5% of its nominal capacity?
What links:
Oglala Sioux leader; Patrick Macnee; rapper Megan Pete; £25?
10 Good; Bad; Wonderful; Merciless?
11 Circe; House of Names; The Penelopiad; A Thousand Ships?
12 Sir Henry Morgan; Melinda Lou Thomas; Harland Sanders?
13 Chiffonade; brunoise; julienne; allumette; batonnet?
14 Condemned (1); meets mother (4); nailed on cross (11); laid in tomb (14)?
15 Space Oddity; Killer; Unchained Melody; Bohemian Rhapsody?

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