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Sam Allardyce has a quick chat about West Brom’s last game, the thrashing by Leeds, and this one:

Obviously not very good on the result, and you have to say that Leeds on this day are physically so much better than any team in the Premier League and that showed on the night. I think the effort we put in at Liverpool took its toll on us. I watched Leeds today against Tottenham, and I wish they’d have played like that against us.

Tonight is about containing a team that’s got a lot of quality, and we have to be aware of their dangers and we have to get the ball, get forward, try to create and try to score a goal. That’s hard for us to come by, but we’ve got to believe and try to do it.

7.35pm GMT

“We’re always told that referees ‘make allowances’ in these conditions,” writes Gary Naylor. “The question is, will VAR?” Well firstly, VAR doesn’t make allowances for anything. Secondly, as BT Sport start their broadcast it isn’t snowing at all, and the pitch is clear and looking perfectly football-ready.

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