Latest updates: government’s chief scientific adviser says UK’s daily death figures likely to stay at high levels ‘for some weeks’

10.12am GMT

NHS England has released its latest hospital waiting figures, and they show that the backlog of people waiting for operations that has been created by the Covid crisis is getting worse. Here are the key figures.

9.52am GMT

Currently people who come into contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus have to isolate, even if they have had the virus. But new research showing that people who recover from Covid have a similar level of protection against future infection as those who receive a vaccine, at least for the first five months, may justify changing the self-isolation rules, Prof Neil Ferguson said this morning.

Ferguson, the Imperial College epidemiologist whose modelling helped to trigger first lockdown, told the Today programme:

Those people who have had the virus before are at less risk of getting infected and cumulatively slow the spread.

What it means for individuals is harder to say. We have a real problem at the moment, for instance with healthcare workers – a lot of healthcare workers getting infected and off work.

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