Latest updates: Cabinet Office says all nine priority cohorts to be reached by May; MHRA says more data shows Oxford vaccine works for over-65s

11.48am GMT

Union leaders in Wales have called for teachers to be prioritised for Covid vaccines when children begin to return to classrooms after half-term.

The Welsh government is expected to announce later on Friday that children in the foundation phase – those up to the age of seven – can return to school in person from 22 February.

If Welsh government announces a return to classrooms for foundation phase children after half-term, there are a number of mitigations that our members will want to see in place, for example, local flexibility to stagger the return.

We’ll also need clear guidelines about social distancing, the use of face coverings, sufficient ventilation, and which staff are exempt from return and can continue to work from home.

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11.47am GMT

Psychologists are reporting a rise in “pandemic burnout” in the UK as many people find the current phase of lockdowns harder, with an increasing number feeling worn out and unable to cope.

They warn that many are finding the latest lockdown more difficult due to a realisation that coronavirus will be around longer than expected, dashed hopes about an easing of restrictions, and a period of sustained stress similar to overwork, which has prompted symptoms such as fatigue.

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