Latest updates: education secretary questioned by MPs; hospital admissions in two parts of UK fall for first time since Christmas

11.13am GMT

Here is video of a mother this morning describing why she thought the food parcel she received under the government scheme was inadequate.

11.08am GMT

Boris Johnson called the footballer Marcus Rashford this morning to tell him that the food parcels shown on Twitter this week had been “unacceptable” and that a full review of how they are supplied was taking place. Rashford, who has led the campaign against food poverty and who is already credited with forcing the government into two U-turns on free school meals, has tweeted about the call.

Just had a good conversation with the Prime Minister. He has assured me that he is committed to correcting the issue with the food hampers and that a full review of the supply chain is taking place. He agrees that images of hampers being shared on Twitter are unacceptable.

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