Don’t bin that pulp left over from making ‘milk’ and juice – it’s super-nutritious, and can be used up in baking or in a thrifty granola

I love making my own “milk” drinks out of oat, hemp, rice and nuts. Yes, a little patience is required, but only while waiting for the ingredients to soak, but the making itself takes but a few minutes, because it involves only blending and straining the pulp. Hemp milk is my favourite, because it has a unique, nutty flavour and is reassuringly nutritious, as well as being rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. That said, after straining the liquid, you’re left with a gunky, fibrous pulp that usually ends up in the bin, and I’ve long wanted to come with a way to use it up.

Oats, cashews and coconuts produce very little pulp, and this can be easily stored in the fridge for stirring into pancakes, porridge or smoothies. The pulp from other nuts and seeds, such as hemp and almonds, meanwhile, can be dried to make flour, or used in combination with ground almonds in cookies, pastry and cakes. To make flour, squeeze all the liquid out of the pulp, spread it out in a thin layer on a baking tray,then leave somewhere warm, stirring occasionally, to dry out completely (or put it in a just-turned-off oven, to save energy).

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