That film is the worst, argues Ellen Leabeater. And don’t get her started on adults who sing Hakuna Matata at karaoke. Calla Wahlquist tries to prove her wrong

Ellen Leabeater: Calla, I hate 1994 movie The Lion King. Is my heart made of tin? Yes. I have hated it since first forced to watch it at age four. In fact, I’m pretty sure I fell asleep out of sheer boredom during the opening scene, and any subsequent attempts to remain awake and finish the film have failed. I mean the opening scene is four minutes long and nothing happens! And even if you convince me to watch the film, you will not convince me to like the soundtrack. The syrupy, gleeful singalong tunes make me want to throw my screening device into a pack of hyenas. Ditto any adult who decides Hakuna Matata is their karaoke song or life mantra. Can you give me a heart? Doubt it. But prove me wrong, Calla.

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