This Alpine-inspired courtyard takes prices and luxurious eating to new heights – and without the skiing

The Garden at Corinthia, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2BD (020 7321 3012). Starters £11-£14.50; mains £24-£30; desserts £10-£12 and wines from £48

If wealth has any purpose, it is to make things easier, which is to say less effortful. The Garden at the shiny Corinthia hotel on London’s Whitehall Place has this sewn up. There, they have been offering a spendy après-ski experience, only without the tiresome bother of any skiing, what with mountains being in short supply on the Thames Embankment. As a man with weak ankles, no balance and a reasonable concern about the impact of gravity upon what, given my job, I should call my critical mass, this strikes me as a top idea.

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