David Tennant and Michael Sheen squabble as exaggerated versions of themselves, capturing the chaos of life in lockdown

Staged (Tuesday, 9.45pm, BBC One) is back, which is good, because it is arguably the only noteworthy thing any single celebrity did during the first lockdown. If you missed the first series: David Tennant and Michael Sheen squabbled over Zoom as exaggerated, frustrated, hyper-thespian versions of themselves, in an actors-playing-actors miniseries with the exact same energy of a late-night Comic Relief sketch; 15-minute episodes where you got to see familiar actors with their off-duty haircuts saying words that seemed real. It was good, and it was smart, and it played perfectly with the boundaries of the format it was in. Series two comes to a close this week, and … well, I mean, it’s exactly the same as series one just with more guest stars, isn’t it? Let’s not play about.

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