Despite the headlines we have seen from Rolling Stone, the BBC and others, the producer was, first and foremost, a killer. We should hold him to the same standards as everyone else

Isn’t it tragic when a bit of murder mars a man’s career? Rolling Stone certainly seems to think so. “Phil Spector, the famed ‘wall of sound’ producer and architect of some of pop music’s most enduring songs, whose legacy was marred by a murder conviction, has died …” it tweeted on Sunday.

As news of Spector’s death from coronavirus complications broke, Rolling Stone wasn’t alone in seemingly prioritising the producer’s legacy over the life of Lana Clarkson, the 40-year-old woman he was convicted of shooting dead in 2003. The BBC, for example, initially tweeted: “Talented but flawed Producer Phil Spector dies aged 81.” (It then deleted the tweet.) Flawed? Are you kidding? Being messy is a flaw; being a murderer is something else entirely.

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