Holding a pen with your left hand is no longer seen as sinister… unless you count drawing on the sofa

I’m watching my son use his tools carefully. Pencils, forks, the fiddly bits on his toys. I’m not just doing this for our benefit – although his propensity for scribbling on our sofa is prodigious – but because I’m doing important science.

My wife first noticed his left-handedness a few weeks ago. Since then, we’ve been watching him closely to confirm her hypothesis. It’s harder to determine than you might imagine. I, for example, write and eat with my right hand, but throw or kick a football, with my left hand or foot. My son isn’t particularly proficient in any of those disciplines, but appears to be my opposite – left-handed, right-footed, ambidextrous only when it comes to hurling Ready Brek with his fists.

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