Vaccinating all adults against Covid by September will require unprecedented levels of coordination, staffing and round-the-clock clinics

We started our practice Covid-19 vaccination programme in Bristol last weekend. There had been weeks of heightened anticipation and build-up where we had all been abuzz and desperate to start. Many patients contacted us, asking about their cohort groups and likely timelines for vaccination. We have no control over this and could only tell the patients to wait until contacted.

Our practice was ready to go for the week of 14 December when wave one practices started vaccinations. But our deliveries were stood down that week and then again a few weeks later. We had put our case to NHS England, like other practices in the country that had opted to vaccinate, giving information on our readiness to go, and cohort numbers for the over-80s and care homes. Logistical factors for delivery of the vaccine were cited as the main hurdle but it has been incredibly frustrating.

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