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Theodora van der Beek’s film about a lactose-fuelled religion is the highlight of an online compilation that finds British theatre-makers in morose mood

What if online theatre weren’t a stopgap before the return of the real thing, but an art form in itself? The longer the Covid-19 pandemic has been with us, the more seriously artists have had to consider that question. And here, in the Living Record festival, comes a whole month’s worth of shows by up-and-coming creators who have put digital media first.

With over 40 shows on the bill, the results are variable. Even in the best pieces, you get a sense of artists learning what’s possible as they go. But in its oddball variety – everything from works-in-progress monologues to audio dramas for children – there’s that heady feeling of discovery only a festival can create. There’s even a festival bar.

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