The agreement will leave Britons worse off in every way. The opposition should not be helping the government to pass it

As details of the trade and cooperation agreement between the European Union and Britain’s Tory government emerge, it’s increasingly obvious that the wafer-thin deal is not fit for purpose. It will leave us poorer as a nation both economically and culturally. As a socialist, I oppose it. And, in the face of failure from a Labour leadership that has called on its MPs to support the deal, I urge them to vote against it.

Michel Barnier and his team, in a very skilful way, have crafted an agreement that allows the EU to continue to maximise its advantage on trade in goods in which they enjoy a huge surplus, but then limits the ability of Britain’s service sector to continue to flourish – an area in which our country has, until now, enjoyed a competitive advantage. Ursula von der Leyen delivered a measured, dignified and graceful speech as she announced that a deal had been reached – something our bumbling prime minister could take a few lessons on. However, I am sure that behind the scenes Barnier and his team were popping the champagne corks: mission accomplished.

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