The prime minister compares Labour activists to far-right US extremists yet ignores some of his own supporters

If two elderly Conservative canvassers had been hospitalised by members of Momentum, you can be sure the incident would make the outraged front pages of national newspapers. Indeed, during the last general election campaign, an alleged punch thrown by a Labour activist at a Tory adviser received wide attention from our broadcast media: it was only later when a video emerged exposing the incident as a lie that several journalists issued mea culpas about their reporting.

During the course of the 2019 general election, however, two Labour canvassers in their 70s were hospitalised after separate unprovoked attacks. The intent seemed clear: one assailant was screaming “Marxists” at a group of canvassers before lunging at a female Labour supporter. But you are unlikely to have heard about these incidents, because they received little coverage.

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