4.49am GMT

9th over: England 18-0 (Burns 9, Sibley 8) Sibley is in no hurry whatsoever, seeing away a couple of dots before Ishant tries a bouncer – he won’t mind seeing that and ducks underneath it easily enough, then turns one away to backward square. This pitch is flatter than Stanley, and bowling across Sibley is not the way to wring something out of it, I don’t think; he’ll fiddle to leg all

millennium if you let him.

“Morning Daniel!” hollers Felix White; morning Felix! “I did not mean to be awake so early, but a child was thirsty and here we are. Busy day ahead and I need to be well rested so I’ll definitely just go straight back to sleep. Maybe just one more over…”

4.42am GMT

8th over: England 16-0 (Burns 8, Sibley 7) Yeah, there it is; Ravi Ashwin, whose teammates might like him more than Tim Paine’s do, comes into the attack and Burns nudges for one, then Sibley makes room and uses the pace to carve away behind square on the off side for the first boundary of the series. He’s learnt a lot about facing spin these last few weeks, and turns a single to short leg, megging Shubman Gill; I do hope he called it.

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