A man who died falling from an aircraft while attempting to reach the UK had a friend on the same flight who survived and speaks in a new Channel 4 film, The Man Who Fell from the Sky

An almost unbearably painful moment comes halfway through a new Channel 4 documentary about the extraordinary story of a man who survived stowing away on a flight from Johannesburg to London – and his friend who didn’t make it. It happens when the daughter of the man who died is presented with the first photo of him she has ever seen by the makers of The Man Who Fell from the Sky. The film-makers had travelled to his native Mozambque, attempting to piece together the desperate bid for a new life he made in 2015.

“She doesn’t recognise him,” says her mother, Anna, as 11-year-old Chemilla looks at a picture of Carlito Vale on a mobile phone. As tears flow, Anna adds: “I am very grateful to all the people who continue to recognise that he’s a human being.”

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