Use up any excess ingredients in a beautifully presented, balanced meal made up of layers of different foods

It’s the end of the week. In my fridge’s crisper drawer lies a quarter of a cauliflower, a beetroot and its wilting leaves, a bunch of past-its-best coriander and a bendy celery heart. The top shelf is nicely stocked, though, with a jar of plum tomatoes, preserved lemons, sushi ginger and some medlar cheese. In my larder, I’ve got a few things that need using up, too: some pistachios left over from Christmas, and some dried chillies, capers and barberries.

This is when the concept of “bowl food” comes into its own, since it’s all about building a meal using layers of different foods, rather than sticking to a recipe. It’s a system that’s perfect for using up leftovers and things you already have in your cupboard or fridge.

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