The divisive actor teaches us a filthy lesson in a throwaway series that boasts some funny moments yet not quite enough for it to seem worthwhile

There’s really no public speaker more captivating than Nicolas Cage, either the maligned genius or inspired fool of the acting world, depending on who you ask. Part of it can be explained, what with his speech patterns so thrillingly unpredictable, emphases placed on syllables no one would have ever thought to punch like a drunken boxer. But part of it feels more mystical, owed to the shamanic magnetism making his straight-to-video action potboilers so strangely engrossing. He casts a spell with even the most mundane sentences, and can turn a four-letter outcry howled to the heavens into an obscene aria. If you’re going to make a miniseries about the complex phenomenon of curse words, both their dignified academic history and their forbidden juvenile lure, you be hard-pressed to find a better host than the Cage.

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