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After that flurry in a thimble involving Pence and Grassley, we’re back in Georgia.

My Guardian colleague David Smith was there when Democratic candidate John Ossoff, who is hoping to flip a senate seat away from Republican David Perdue in the runoffs today, voted a little earlier in Atlanta.

In Atlanta. Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff after voting: “This is history unfolding in Georgia right now. I want everyone to be part of it.” pic.twitter.com/g0SllH6afe

Ossoff: “I’m a John Lewis Democrat, I’m a civil rights Democrat and that’s the kind of Democrat running in the south right now.” pic.twitter.com/BeuDdJwzyD

3.57pm GMT

You can hear from miles away the sound of the renting fabric of Republican leadership in Washington. The latest fog of war over who will preside over Congress tomorrow for the certification of the Electoral College vote is signified by the instant confusion and disagreement apparently coming out of the offices of vice president Mike Pence and Iowa Republican Charles Grassley.

VP office says Pence is still going tomorrow, per @kaitlancollins. Unclear where this miscommunication occurred. https://t.co/jasCul0yXr

A Grassley spokesman clarifies that the senator does not “have any indication Pence won’t be present.” Grassley, he said, was just trying to explain that at president pro tempore of the Senate, he would fill the chair if Pence does not show or steps out at points for a break https://t.co/iS8Wb7Yfpy

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