Latest updates: South Africa imposes tighter restrictions amid sharp increase in cases; UK told it must vaccinate 2 million people per week to avoid new wave

9.05am GMT

Belarus has begun administering the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine, both countries have said, after the first consignment arrived in Minsk.

Last week, many Russians expressed anger on social media after 300,000 doses of the vaccine were dispatched to Argentina, when only 650,000 had been administered in Russia by 24 December, according to the developer, the Gamaleya Institute.

8.45am GMT

The number of deaths in the Netherlands increased at the highest rate since the second world war this year due to the pandemic, the Dutch national statistics office (CBS) has said.

Up to last week, about 162,000 deaths were reported in the country of 17 million this year; 13,000 more than would have been expected, the CBS said.

Such an increase of the number of deceased has not been reported since World War Two.

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