I have been told I will have a month to get out once rented flat is sold

Q My landlord has put my flat up for sale and he says that once the sale has gone through, I’ll have a month to move out. The new Covid lockdown allows estate agents to carry on viewings but how can that be safe as we have all been instructed to stay indoors? Where am I supposed to go during viewings? Why is this being allowed? What are my rights?

A You don’t have to go anywhere during viewings as you don’t have to let anyone into your home if you don’t want to and that includes estate agents, prospective buyers and even your landlord. And assuming that you have a fixed-term assured shorthold tenancy (which almost all private renters do), you have a right to remain in the property until the end of the fixed term even if the house is sold before that date. According to thetenantsvoice.co.uk – the largest tenant support community in the UK – the person who buys the property has to accept you as a sitting tenant at least until the fixed term is over.

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