$1,400 direct relief checks and federal minimum wage raise to combat impact of Covid

12.31pm GMT

Here’s some of what we have in the diary so far for today…

President-elect Joe Biden will delivers remarks on his plan to administer Covid-19 vaccines to the US population in Wilmington, Delaware, at 3.15pm ET (which is 8:15pm if, like me, you are in London) and he will also attend a finance event for the presidential inaugural committee later on.

12.17pm GMT

Barry Eichengreen writes for us this morning, warning that the $2,000 stimulus checks alone won’t work – the US needs better infrastructure:

We know that living through a large economic shock, especially in young adulthood, can have an enduring impact on people’s beliefs. For those parents unable to put food on the table during the pandemic, the experience will establish a heuristic that will be hard to forget.

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