Experts suggest it only takes a couple of weeks for motivation to crumble. After putting an exercise plan in place Brigid Delaney works on sticking to it

Hello fellow burnouts. It’s week three of my plan to get on top of exhaustion, and I’m making progress.

I’ve been taking the advice of experts, trying to build a new habit each week. Last week I adopted an exercise routine that was much more ambitious than what I’d been doing in 2020. I’ve been finding it extremely difficult so far. It’s at a higher intensity, and when I ask my body to take it up a notch, it feels like I’m pushing a suitcase the wrong way up an escalator. One positive thing all this sweating has done is aided my sleep. At the start of the year I was finding it very hard to sleep properly, and physical exhaustion has been making that easier. I’ve also spent two weeks off alcohol, which has certainly helped – and made my skin look fresher. While the exercise has been tough, the sleep has given me more energy to push through it, and I feel like I’m nailing the mindfulness practices I adopted in week one and two.

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