A pioneering novelist, she was also a passionate publisher, highlighting voices neglected by the mainstream. My life was one of many changed by her enthusiasm

Storm Constantine, the fantasy author and book publisher who has died at the age of 64, was a prolific novelist and short-story writer. Her work, dealing deeply with gender and sexual politics, was far ahead of its time.

Constantine came to prominence with her 1987 novel The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, which introduced her androgynous Wraeththu race and spawned two sequels, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, and The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire. In a 2016 interview with the writer and editor Nerine Dorman, Constantine said of her bestselling series: “Wraeththu are simply how the human race would be if I could design it myself; androgynous, beautiful (mostly), magical and housed in a more efficient vehicle of flesh and blood.”

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