Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson bring the bracing humour of their hit audio show to a live crowd, discussing black hair, dodgy men, Trump voters and more

What do you do when you’re in the middle of a smear test and the doctor pops up from the business end with his little ET head and tells you he voted for Trump? In 2 Dope Queens (Sky Comedy) Michelle Buteau has the right answer: “I farted a little bit. Even my fart sounded like a cry for help. Like: ‘Why? Why?’ I’m like: ‘Sorry doc, but this is what democracy smells like.’”

For the uninitiated, 2 Dope Queens is the creation of the US comics Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, who brought their hit podcast of the same name to the stage of the Kings theatre in Brooklyn for the first of four HBO specials. As well as showcasing their double act, they feature standup routines from the likes of Buteau, who is a comedian and the host of the US reality series The Circle.

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